New Jersey Designs

Below are three options for 2009 X-Men jersey designs. Not really new designs, but color choices. Here’s some history. From about 1996 to 2000, we had the blue and black stripes. This is the classic old-school design, before we started messing with colors. There was a white and light blue version for two years, then a green and white that didn’t work out too well, then in 2006-2008, we went…

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X-Men Dues Paid Up With The Feds

OK, X-Men, we have renewed our club dues through usacycling’s handy online website thingie doodad. What this means is The X-Men is all officially good-to-go as a USA Cycling registered road and mountain bike cycling club. So if you are renewing your license, plan to be a member in good standing (pay dues and buy a new jersey) you can indicate “X-Men” or Club # 6034 on your renewal application.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-19

Hearing a rumor that T-Bird is driving the break at the Sea Beaver. Can anyone confirm/deny? # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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Updated Info On Membership Page

I just updated some details on the Membership page, including some basic info on the difference between being a USA Cycling “Sponsored” club versus an “Unsponsored” club. Basically, we’re “Unsponsored”, unless anyone has a bunch of sponsors and feels like putting on a bike race (trust me, you don’t want to). For any members interested in riding for the X-Men in 2009, please contribute by paying annual dues of $25….

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X-Men Alumni Send Me Links

X-Men girls and boys, send me your dang links.

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membership info coming soon.

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New website for the X-Men

After a long hiatus from having a live website, the X-Men are back. This site will serve as a resource for both existing members, new members and fans. We’re building this new site on a WordPress platform and hope to add many enhancements along the way. Thanks for checking us out.

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