The X-Men Cycling Team has been a USA Cycling registered club since 1995. USA Cycling (formerly the USCF and NORBA) is the official national governing body of competitive cycling in the U.S.: for road, mountain, cyclocross, and a bunch of other stuff like track, trials, and bmx.

What does this mean? To race in USA Cycling-sanctioned road races, for example, you must hold a valid annual USA Cycling license, or you can pay a 1-day license fee every time you race, but it’s expensive and a lot of paperwork on race day, so get an annual license if you are going to race more than a few times.

When you buy an annual license, you get to specify a club affiliation. You either belong to a club such as The X-Men, or you are considered “Unattached.” Unattached riders are supposed to wear plain clothing without any logos or sponsors. Really boring. To further complicate things, USA Cycling has a club designations as well as “Team” designations. USAC clubs can have many teams associated with them.

So here is how it works for The X-Men (or as we are listed in USAC’s database: X-Men, The): X-Men is the club, pretty much anyone can join, as long as you are not a jerk. Determining jerk status is at the sole discretion of current club members who have previously passed through the jerk filter. If you have to ask what you get for joining and paying your dues, you should probably close this page and never return to this site, but since you were thinking it: dues covers our club membership to USAC, recurring server costs to host our website, occasional graphic design services to benefit the club, and if there is any money left at the end of the year, we throw a party.

Riding for the Squadra Flying Tigers is a little more selective. It requires secret handshakes, code words, pagan rituals, other stuff we can’t publish here. Please, if you join the X-Men club, do not choose Squadra Flying Tigers team status unless you are really on the team. Or else the shark will bite you.

All that we ask of members is to pay one-time, lifetime club dues to the Man, currently set at $25. That’s it. You pay once. Mainly because the honor system doesn’t work on an annual basis, and it’s too hard to keep track. If you think it’s expensive, wait until you see how much it costs to quit.

When you sign up for your license with USA Cycling, you can put X-Men as your club affiliation (club number 6034) as long as you have paid current year’s dues or intend to.

Lifetime Club Membership: For any other new members, you can pay club dues easily and securely through Paypal, click the button below and proceed to checkout.


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