25th Anniversary Kits

3 different styles.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary of being a cycling club (whatever that means), we are rolling out 3 new kits. Well, one of them is an old kit, but I shall explain. What does this even mean? It means that some of you still ride backs and that’s a beautiful thing, so pat yourself on the back, you are a survivor. Honestly, this running a cycling club racket was getting a little tiresome and we were thinking 2020 would be our last year. Sort of a planned retirement was in the works. But a few of us have realized it’s probably worth keeping it going. As we all start to emerge from the new reality of what cycling looks like after COVID-19, we are probably all going to need a few riding buddies. Ok…on to the kits:

The 20th Anniversary Unicorn Barf Stripes
Back in 2015, we offered this kits design made up of every color of every stripe we ever did. At first glance it was revolting, so we said let’s make it. IT ended being our most popular kit ever. We are using DNA’s Biofit Jersey and Elite Bib short, same as the last two season’s grey/black kits. Fit should be the same, if you have one of those.

The Dorian Gray
DNA took a shot on a modern design utilizing their new Cap Sleeve Jersey pattern. The Cap Sleeve is a pro quality racer fit jersey (it should fit similarly to the Biofit, as confirmed with some sizing samples). The Cap Sleeve has a lower “aero” collar, which seems to be the rage these days. For those riders who don’t feel 100% comfortable looking like a tropical bird from the jungles of the Amazon, this one might be for you. Don’t read too much into the name, but this kit will remain ageless over time.

The Gravel Splatter
Finally we have the Gravel Splatter kit. It’s like Jackson Pollock went for an all day gravel ride, drank a bottle of whiskey on an empty stomach, then projectile vomitted all over a black t-shirt. There are a few unique things here, but most importantly: the X-Men club and DNA Cycling will donate $20 per item to fund the youth sports recovery in the Park City area after COVID-19. Why? We believe youth sports is going to be in crisis mode when it is time to start thinking about a return to sport for our kids, and the organizations out there are going to need some help. We are not sure how we will distribute the donations yet, and the club will have some input on that, but if you order a jersey + bib short, that is $40 that will be donated back within the community. Also, the bib short is a new product that is targeted to gravel riders, but it’s just a cool idea: subtle mesh pockets on the legs and lower back, so you can stash your…dollar bills, gel wrappers, etc.

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