2016 Mid Season Report Card

Solid B+ effort so far.

As I write this post, the 2016 / 2017 cyclocross season is about halfway through to the culmination of USA Cycling’s National Championships, scheduled for early January 2017, in Hartford, Connecticut. The local P-Town Cyclocross series has wrapped up, with the final event happening on October 25th. There have been a few road trips out of state, and a few bike fees have been reluctantly paid to the major airlines with trips to Jingle Cross in Iowa (Thomas Cooke), and a block of mid-Atlantic races including Charm City (Mark Flis). The warm, mostly dry, Indian Summer races are over, and there is a chill in the wind here in the Wasatch. This is when it gets a little tougher to get the work done, but no less fun. Stay tuned for a full East Coast Squad update.

So how are we doing so far?

4th Overall, P-Town Season Series, A Category for Thomas Cooke
Consistency paid off for Thomas with a bunch of 4th place finishes, often just missing the podium behind the likes of Jonathan Page, Jamey Driscoll, and Keegan Swenson. After the series finale, where he was again 4th behind those World Cuppers, he was just 1 point shy of 3rd overall for the series. Grade: B+

(2) UTCX A Category Wins for Mark Flis, (1) 2nd Place for Thomas Cooke
Mark started the season by winning the first 2 UTCX Series A category races before heading on his East Coast block. UTCX #1 was at the Weber Fairgrounds. UTCX #2 was at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Thomas kept the Flying Tigers on the podium with a 2nd place A category at UTCX #6 at Churchill Junior High. Grade: A-

(4) Top-30 UCI C1/C2 race results for Mark Flis
Mark spent a solid month on the East Coast, hitting races like the Charm City UCI weekend in Baltimore, MD. Mark netted a 26th place Elite Men in Saturday’s C2 race, then 28th on Sunday’s C1. Finishing these races on the lead lap with the top Elite cx racers in the country is no small task. Grade: B+

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