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Cycling Utah recently contacted me and asked us to provide a new description for their annual club guide. Do you think I nailed it?

Founded in 1995, The X-Men is a Park City-based road, mountain bike, and cyclocross club, with individual members and pockets of resistance all over the country. We’re open to riders of all ages and abilities who are brave enough to don our iconic stripes and lightning bolt kits, and make a statement. There is a problem with non-conformity, though. Pretty soon people want to join and be part of your movement. You start something new, because you are sick of riding for the man, then you wake up and realize you are the man. Because of this, we’ve been deliberate about making ourselves hard to understand, and even harder to get in touch with. And another thing. We’re not super organized. We all mostly have real lives outside of the make-believe world of modern cycling. It would be a mistake to call us retro, despite the fact that we often tell stories on rides from the old days. We are proud to say that not a single current member rides with an SRM. At least not in public. Power is in the heart, folks. Bike races are won with willpower, not a spreadsheet.

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