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Years ago, the X-Men put on the first cyclocross state championship race Utah had seen in a long time up in Park City. Some old time racers said it was the first state championship cx race since the 1970s. Last year, Matt Ohran (promoter of UTCX series) and I were trying to figure out the timelines, because he started his series a couple years after that first race, and he was trying to remember how long he had been doing the series. I think it was around 1994 when we did that first race. There were not many of us, maybe 15 racers total. Cris Fox did cross on his titanium Nuke Proof mountain bike. Pro racer Max Lawson who was racing for Jamis at the time, had some sort of touring bike cobbled together into a cross rig. There was a guy from Park City named Ron, who we all called the Happy Crosser, because we’d see him riding a vintage Alan cross bike all season long on the mountain bike trails.

There weren’t many places to ride cross bikes that weren’t mountain bike trails, so every once in awhile, we used to gather at Sugarhouse Park for “cross practice” which involved riding as hard as we could around the outside of the park and dismounting and running up the steepest hill we could find. Me, Max, Glen Adams, Craig Thomas.

Keep in mind, my memories of these early days of cyclocross in Utah are spotty.

Dr. Cross, (Darrell Davis) has taken that idea of cross practice at Sugarhouse Park, and turned it into a really valuable clinic for first timers, as well as seasoned crossers who need to get out and brush off the cobwebs. He sets up barriers, does some basic instruction and tips, and takes groups of all abilities around the park. It’s important to note, that back when there were only 4 or 5 of us meeting down there, we were riding rogue. Darrell has done a lot to work with the powers that be at this park to ensure a good relationship between us weird bikers and the other users of the park. It’s worth signing up for this season long clinic, even if you only drop in a few times. Check it out:

It’s time again for the Contender Cyclocross Clinic at Sugarhouse park.

Notice that as was the case last year, it’s pre-reg only and the price is unchanged.

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