New Team Clothing March 11

Greetings X-Men,

Hopefully your winter has been filled with lots of skiing, nordic and/or alpine. Myself, I haven’t touched a bike since the last Utah cyclocross race, but I am starting to look forward to dry roads and long rides. Even though it’s the first day of March, and even though I expect we’ll have quite a bit of epic skiing still to come this season, I am looking forward to the Utah Spring Classics. That being said, I wanted to thank everyone who placed a clothing pre-order this year. We’re small, and everything is made to order by Squadra. They must have bumped us to the front of the line, because I just got an email from Dough (Greg Demgen) telling me their estimated delivery date is March 11, plus or minus a few days. So if you are local, I’ll be hitting you up when the big box arrives so we can arrange a time to meet. If you are from out of town, I’ll turn around all shipped orders as quickly as I can so you will have your new stuff towards the end of the month. Enjoy the rest of the winter, and the beginning of spring!


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