2011 X-Men Clothing Order

Once again, we will be relying on our good friends at Squadra to supply our team kit this year. I’m not sure, but I think that will make it 16 years in row, and that has to be some sort of world record, as many clubs out there jump around from supplier to supplier. Why Squadra? They make great stuff, and have always taken good care of us. Below is a brief overview of how our process works:

1. The design will stay the same as last year. Why? We keep the design simple, free from any sponsor logos, because we don’t really have any. This means if you bought some stuff last year, this year’s stuff will match. We try to keep it simple.

2. Clothing is PRE-ORDER only. This means if you are a new member, you need to order it now and commit. There won’t be extra clothing later when the season starts. Buying a team kit and paying your 2011 Club Dues is really all you need to do to join.

3. PRE-ORDER is open now and will close out at the end of January. That’s when we’ll download all the orders and place our master order with Squadra, with planned delivery being in early March. Do it now.

4. We are offering more of a complete team kit this year. Last year, we only did the basics, but this year, folks have asked for more stuff such as Short Sleeve Skinsuits, Jackets, Armwarmers. Now is your chance to order what you need for the upcoming season of road, mountain bike, and cyclocross goods. What are we missing? Leave a comment if there is an item you really want and we’ll see if we can add it to the initial PRE-ORDER.

5. We are offering 2 levels of Jerseys and Bibs this season. Last season, I was lucky to do some testing for Squadra’s new Pro Line. The Pro-Line is a step up from the already great Team Gear, featuring different materials and a high end chamois pad in the bibs. All I can say is this: if you stick with the Team Gear, you won’t be disappointed and you will save a few bucks, but the Pro Line is totally worth it. If you want the ultimate in comfort, check out the Pro Line Jersey and the Pro Line Bibs.


  1. Tom Horrocks says:

    Here is a list:
    1 – Pro-line Big Shorts, large
    1 – Pro-Line Short Sleeve Jersey, large
    1 – Jacket, Large

  2. admin says:

    Tommy H, stop on by the team store and place that order!

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