Halloween Double Cross: Wheeler Farm

Halloween is the traditional Double Cross weekend at Wheeler Historic Farm, the battlefield for this year’s UTCX#5 and UTCX#6. We’ve got some history, the X-Men and Wheeler Farm. The cross historians may dispute the date, but let’s just say for the sake of argument that it was 1997; Thomas Cooke promoted the first cyclocross race at Wheeler. That was the 3rd State Championship race the X-Men Club sponsored. Not long after that, most of us decided we liked racing a whole lot more than promoting races, so a hand-off of sorts was facilitated. ¬†Matt Ohran took over and his crew built it up to a regular series venue for UTCX.

Double Cross usually has folks racing in costume on Saturday, with record-breaking numbers of participants, and huge crowds. The number I heard thrown around for this year was over 450. It’s super cool to race with that many people around. Sunday is usually a lighter, ahem, turnout, because, well you know, it’s Sunday. Sunday’s course is usually a redux of Saturday’s, only run in the opposite direction. I’m still trying to figure out which was harder, and in the end I decided it’s the racers that make it hard. I got worked over by Church of the Big Riders on both days, but probably had a stronger race on Sunday. Here’s some video generously provided by Sam Ray:

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