UTCX#4 Video of Masters 35+ A Race

UTCX#4 at the Weber County Fairgrounds was a mixed day for the X-Men cross team. I drove from Park City in a torrential downpour all the way through Morgan, knowing conditions were going to be wet and mucky. Which they were for the early and late races, but for the Masters 35+ A race, it dried up, didn’t rain a drop, and the corners were rather tacky. Tim Briley raced earlier in the muck to a fine 4th place finish in the Masters 45+, and that was without his brother Steve to rough people up. The video below from Sam Ray pretty much sums up the Masters 35+ race: T$ had a weak start, rode into contention, then was able to squeeze out a decent sprint at the end and take his first cross victory since the Ice Age. Granted, A-Train and McKone were no-shows, and Sam had some bike problems. This will create some drama going into the Wheeler Halloween double weekend. Bring your vampire teeth and fake blood, it’s going to be a real scream.

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