Tubular Time Machine: Soldier Hollow 2002

I love the fact there is so much buzz about cyclocross here in Utah these days, but some people forget how instrumental the X-Men Club has been in getting that rolling. Our club promoted the state championships 3 years in a row, and they were the first state championships since the 70’s (so I was told by Gary Bywater). Granted, the first state race only had 15 people show up, in all categories, and nobody really had a real cross bike. But that got the ball rolling, methinks. Another first brought to you by the X-Men: the first UCI-sanctioned cyclocross race in Utah. Check out the video piece put together by Park City Television (PCTV). Tells the story of when the big men (and women) of the sport came to town on a warm, sunny, November day.

Thanks to Stanton Jones of PCTV for his generosity in allowing us to share the clip.

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