Who Wants To Be A Moviestar?

I got this request to forward on to all the X-Men, regarding an upcoming film project. If you want to be an extra in this film, email John and let him know:

Hi there,

We are reaching out to you and your team regarding potential involvement with Peloton The Movie.  The feature film is tentatively scheduled to start shooting on July 15th in and around Salt Lake City, Park City and Ogden. We are interested in having your group participate as extra riders in the film.  Anyone interested in participating with the project should email pelotonthemovie@gmail.com directly, so we can add them to the mailing list.  We encourage you to forward this message to your group and feel free to email us with any questions, information requests or concerns you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!


John Lawrence & The Peloton Production Team
2150 S. Main Street #101
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


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