Occasionally, I get emails from people who get a hold of our club name through USA Cycling’s policy of renting out their club database. I’ll be honest, it stinks. We usually get annoying sales reps sending us spam, with impersonal offers of club discounts for a variety of junk. But I check this one out and thought it was pretty cool. Basically, this startup has gone around and planted either vending machines or boxes stocked with basic cycling repair needs like tubes, patchkits, lube, energy products, etc. I noticed there is one out in Francis, Utah, on a route I frequently ride. Seems like a great idea if they get more locations. Check them out. Here is the original message from Isaac, the guy behind the effort:

Hi there,

I wanted to make you aware of new cycling resource for Utah. I’ve created a product called the “Bike Box” which is full of cycling essentials such as tubes, CO2, patch kits, lube and some other essentials. The Bike Boxes are strategically placed throughout the Wasatch along popular cycling routes/trailheads in coffee shops and gas stations to help cyclists in a bind (no bike shop around/bike shop closed). Locations can be seen at www.24hrBikeShop.com Also, I’ve created a “Time Your Climb” section at www.24hrBikeShop.com where cyclists can log their time for climbs around the Wasatch. I will be tracking everyone’s progress(time) throughout the summer and hope to recognize particpants at the end of the season with some gifts/prizes(contact me if interested in sponsoring prizes). I’d greatly appreciate it if you could inform your club members & friends about www.24hrBikeShop.com . This is a new concept and I need everyone’s support in the cycling community to keep it alive and growing. Additionally, I am in the process of providing regularly updated cycling related reading material on the website. I am looking for volunteers (cycling journalists/wannabe journalists) to contribute. Any cycling related topics are welcome. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Isaac Stewart


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