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Dirty Kanza 2017

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X-Men History: 1997 Gila

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Mountain Bikes for Kids

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We promoted the first cx race in Utah since the 70’s, and the first UCI race in Utah, the Redline Cup. Putting on races is fun, but racing them is what we do.

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If you have never visited Park City, it’s known for iconic Mountain Bike riding. We┬áride mountain bikes a lot, and suggest you do too!

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Founded in 1995, the X-Men have been a fixture on the Utah road cycling scene ever since, winning state and National Championships along the way.

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Our Mission

If you think it's hard to join the X-Men, just wait until you try to quit.

Here are just a few of our current members and alumni. More bios coming soon!

Steve Briley


Jason Travis


Mark Flis

Sold his bikes to buy guitars.

Jamie Belchak

Hi Jamie.

Andrew Borden

Graduated to the High Life.

Jasonn Potter

Currently in Rehab.

Justin Doll

Has anyone seen Justin?

Tom Horrocks

I broke the grid.

Thomas Cooke

Washed up.

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